Six steps to starting a family

  1. Initial consultation

The initial consultation takes place at our Döbling Fertility Center, where you will find a warm, relaxed atmosphere. After making an appointment, you will come to our center on the agreed date. Your doctor will meet you at the reception area. The private consultation will take place in your doctor’s office. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and to describe your personal situation. We feel it is very important for you to be able to discuss everything that is on your mind. In addition, the various treatment options and procedures that apply to your individual situation will be explained to you.

  1. Examinations

Our experts will work with you to determine which tests are necessary for finding the best fertility treatment for your individual situation. Having the results of laboratory and hormone tests relevant to your circumstances, as well as a current spermiogram, are critical for choosing the correct treatment. If any further tests are necessary, the attending doctor will inform you.

  1. Discussion of test results

When all the necessary results are ready, an appointment will be scheduled at the Döbling Fertility Center for you to discuss them with your attending doctor. Based on this, your fertility treatment will then be planned.

  1. Treatment planning

Once the cause(s) of infertility have been identified, a personalized treatment plan will be created. A comprehensive and detailed treatment plan is critical for success. This is why we place great emphasis on a thorough treatment planning phase.

  1. Treatment

Once the detailed plan of the course of treatment has been finalized, the first steps can be taken. Our most important treatment options include intrauterine insemination, hormone therapy for women, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and ICSI. In addition, subject to certain preconditions, both heterosexual and lesbian couples can conceive a child using a sperm donation. You will find more information on this under the menu item “Conceiving a child.” 

  1. Pregnancy

Ideally, the fertility treatment will result in pregnancy. If you receive IVF treatment you will take a pregnancy test two weeks after the embryo transfer. If it is positive, medication is continued as prescribed. Five weeks after the embryo transfer you will have your first ultrasound examination. If heart activity is detected in the embryo, the IVF treatment is concluded and you are referred back to the care of your gynecologist for the rest of your pregnancy.

We are pleased to inform you that prenatal classes are offered regularly at Döbling Private Hospital. Döbling Private Hospital also has its own obstetrics department where you can deliver your child. Details can be found at

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