Sperm donation

In Austria, insemination and IVF treatment using donated sperm have been permitted since 2015.

Heterosexual couples may be helped by a third-party sperm donation, for example if

  • the male partner is unable to produce fertile sperm or if he
  • carries a genetic illness that could be passed on.

Lesbian couples living in a registered partnership have the option of insemination or in vitro fertilization (more information available here).

Collaborative partnership with a sperm bank

Döbling Fertility Center collaborates with a major sperm bank in Copenhagen (Denmark). Naturally, after thorough consultation and discussion, we ensure that the selected donor not only matches the external characteristics – such as color of hair and eyes – of the male partner in a heterosexual couple, but also that he has successfully completed all the required health and quality checks (in accordance with WHO/EU criteria).

If the couple may wish to have a second child in future from the same donor, this possibility should be considered in the early stages of the first treatment program. Semen from the preferred donor would then be stored.

The Fertility Center is not permitted to provide any information on the identity of the donor. Similarly, the donor is not told anything about the identity of the recipient.

A child conceived using donated sperm has the right, on reaching the age of 14, to know the name of the donor (the “biological father”) and to access the relevant records at the Fertility Center. The donor, however, is not obliged – even after disclosure of his identity – to respond to any contact from the child.

Our expert medical team discusses these issues and others extensively with couples who wish to conceive a child in this way, either during the initial consultation or at subsequent appointments.

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