Fertility treatment

As soon as the possible causes of your infertility are clarified, we create an individualized treatment plan. The preparation for a treatment cycle is the most important element of the actual commencement of therapy.

Chances of success

The probability of success depends as much on your individual circumstances as on the choice of treatment.

Overall it can be said that in exhausting all treatment options more than 60 % of affected couples can be helped relatively quickly and that the probability of success per IVF cycle in any case far exceeds even that of a natural cycle in a normal fertile couple. The chance of achieving a pregnancy that ends successfully, depending on your individual circumstances, is up to 50% per IVF cycle.

You will be made aware of your individual prospects in detail at the time your individualized treatment plan is put together. In recent years some special techniques have been developed, that we may recommend in addition if necessary.

Fear of treatment?

Oftentimes treatment by means of artificial fertilization is delayed unnecessarily due to fear of side effects or discomfort during ovarian tissue harvesting. For this purpose, it can be said that with modern treatment methods, the side effects of hormone therapy are usually low and the treatment is generally very well tolerated. Through the use of sedoanalgesia (a kind of "mini anesthesia"), even egg harvesting is usually not perceived to be unpleasant by the patient.