IVF – „In Vitro Fertilization“

Since its introduction, IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (Latin „fertilization in glass“) – has been the most successful method of fertility treatment available. Here at Döbling Private Hospital's fertility center, many couples have been helped to fulfill their desire for a child – even in cases when other methods had not lead to success.

IVF is one of a series of methods of fertilization treatment. After hormonal stimulation mature ovarian follicles are punctured through the vagina (transvaginal follicular aspiration). Harvested egg cells are prepared for artificial fertilization in our laboratory and then incubated with the male sperm. This method implies that sperms penetrate into the egg cells themselves – similar to the natural insemination process. We then follow with a test to determine whether the fertilization has successfully taken place. If this is the case the egg cells are cultivated in a nutrient solution for a maximum of 5 days and then implanted into the woman’s uterus in a painless procedure. The resulting pregnancy is in no way different from a spontaneous pregnancy taking its start.