Post IVF treatment

Two weeks after the transfer, a pregnancy test will be performed. Should the result be positive, the medication recommended is continued as required. Three weeks later the first ultrasound is scheduled. At this time, in regular pregnancies, the embryo is visible in the gestational sac and you can see the heart beating. At the same time it is ascertained that the position of the embryo in the uterine cavity is correct and that its development is timely. This happens to be the ideal the best time to check for a multiple pregnancy.

If fetal heart activity is detected, the IVF treatment has been successfully completed and you will be referred back to your own doctor.

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Changes and behavior in the beginning of pregnancy

The hormone-induced physical changes that pregnancy brings about can be quite pronounced and often lead to concern early on.

Severe fatigue, mild nausea, pulling in lower abdomen (similar to the onset of menstruation) and pulling pain in the breast are typical symptoms of early pregnancy, and should not trouble you in any way.

Continue taking your vitamins and medications as prescribed, until your specialist slowly reduces or replaces them. Rest, avoiding strenuous physical activity, a balanced diet and adequate fluid intake are recommended.

Each cigarette harms your baby! The less you smoke and the sooner you stop entirely, the better the pregnancy and thus your child can develop.

Symptoms of an impending miscarriage

Pulling pains in the lower abdomen, groin or in the area of the sacrum as well as light brown discharges are usually no cause for concern.

The above pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness or morning sickness, can in some cases decrease near the onset of a miscarriage. Signs of a threatening miscarriage in the early weeks of pregnancy may be stronger, light to dark red vaginal bleeding, especially when combined with intense pain. In this case you should promptly consult a hospital near you!

In about half of these cases, it is fortunate that the pregnancy is still intact and can be stabilized within a few days. In many cases your doctor will be able to ease your concerns with an exam.