In vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization, or “IVF”, has become the most successful form of fertility treatment throughout the world.

Here at Döbling Fertility Center we have used IVF to help many couples have the child they have longed for and to experience the joys of family life – even when other methods have proved unsuccessful.

Success rates

Like the choice of treatment type itself, the likelihood of success with any method is greatly dependent on your individual circumstances.

Broadly speaking, however, when all other treatment options have been exhausted, over 60% of all affected couples can be helped relatively quickly, and the probability of success for each IVF cycle is in any case much greater than that of a natural cycle for couples with normal fertility levels. For each IVF cycle completed, the chance of achieving a pregnancy and carrying it successfully to term, depending on personal circumstances, is up to 50%.

Our doctors will meet you for a personal consultation, where they can explain the IVF process and what happens after IVF, and suggest possible additional services and options for genetic investigations.

Anxious about IVF treatment?

Many people hesitate to consider IVF because they are anxious about possible side-effects of the treatment, or worried that the process of egg retrieval may be painful. We can reassure you that with modern treatment procedures, the side-effects of hormone therapy are generally minimal, and for most people the treatment is easily tolerated. The use of sedoanalgesia (a kind of “mini-anesthetic”) means the process of collecting egg cells no longer causes any discomfort for most patients.

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