Any miscarriage can be a source of psychological and physical stress for the couple in treatment. To minimize the risk of miscarriage, here at Döbling Fertility Center we offer polar body diagnosis.

Polar bodies 

Polar bodies develop while the egg cell is maturing and during fertilization, and are basically superfluous material that is not needed for the further development of the embryo. However, these polar bodies contain the same genetic information as the egg cell. This means that by examining the polar bodies, it is possible to identify genetic abnormalities inherited from the mother. This allows the risk of miscarriage to be reduced. The growing embryo remains completely untouched during examination of the polar bodies.

When is polar body diagnosis helpful?

Women over the age of 35 may particularly benefit from polar body diagnosis, as incorrect distribution of the genetic material is more prevalent with increasing age. Also if there have been several unsuccessful IVF attempts or repeated miscarriages, polar body diagnosis may be used.

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