Ovulation calculator

Our ovulation calculator provides a simple way to calculate your ovulation day and your most fertile days. This helps you to understand when you have the best chance of becoming pregnant. Just select the length of your cycle and the first day of your last period. Our ovulation calculator automatically shows your most fertile days in a calendar format.

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The ovulation calculator is based on scientific averages. The female cycle can be affected by various factors and is subject to natural fluctuations and variations. PremiQaMed Ambulatorien GmbH assumes no liability for the validity or accuracy of the information provided. The ovulation calculator is not suitable for use as a contraceptive method.

Liability claims against us concerning damages of a material nature caused by the use or non-use of the information presented or through erroneous and/or incomplete information are excluded provided that there exists no demonstrably intentional or grossly negligent culpability.

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