Conceiving after the age of 40

For a woman the likelihood of becoming pregnant reduces significantly from the age of 40 onwards. Key factors for diminishing fertility at this age include hormonal factors that impair the maturation of egg cells.

Additional reasons also include a significant increase in genetic abnormalities – known as aneuploidies (too many or too few chromosomes). These medical factors run counter to the growing tendency in our society to start a family at a later age.


Many obstacles to conception are more difficult to overcome when providing fertility care for women around the age of 40. First of all, an individualized stimulation therapy is used to allow collection of as many egg cells as possible, which then need to be fertilized with the partner’s sperm and implanted in the endometrium. In some cases it is also helpful to use natural cycle IVF.

All these factors are considered when we draw up personalized plans for stimulation and therapy, with an emphasis on keeping the costs as low as possible. We have helped many women over the age of 40 to experience the joys of motherhood!

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