The unfulfilled wish to have children

In Austria and Germany every fifth to seventh partnership encounters fertility problems, therefore about 15 % of couples are infertile. Many are surprised to find out just how common this problem truly is. You are most certainly not alone with your experience and your search for answers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being ". So health is much more than merely the absence of disease or illness.

In this sense, decreased fertility, and the resultant unfulfilled desire for children is an impairment of your, your partner's or both of your physical health. The confrontation with fertility disorders, much the same as any other health problem, can also pose a source of severe emotional stress for a couple.

The causes of infertility are many and varied. These days, infertility can be treated in most cases. Treatment options range from drug therapies, surgical procedures to the process of in vitro fertilization (assisted reproduction = IVF, ICSI). The basic prerequisite for successful treatment of sterility is thorough diagnostics of the underlying disorder, for the purpose of determining the appropriate therapeutic method for your individual situation.

Our motto and commitment to your success emphasizes, "As much as necessary, but as little as possible!"